Contemporary design. Future classics.

Furniture design is an exacting art.  Not only must a fine piece be elegant, well-made and sturdy, it absolutely must be comfortable as well.  This is the challenge which drives me every day and what I strive to instill in each and every one of my designs.



Driven to make beautiful, durable things, Townsend created Richard W. Townsend Furniture Design.  His creations are an extension of his early training as a sculptor. He nurtures his personal design language in forms rooted in Mid-Century design and the works of some of the great 20th Century sculptors including Brancusi, Calder, Moore, Noguchi, and Serra.

He has upended the centuries-old design of the Windsor chair taking its traditional elements and transforming them into a sculptural piece that leaps into the future.  His New Windsor chair is rendered with state of the art craftsmanship out of the finest sustainable American hardwoods – contrasting walnut and tiger eye maple.

There is no denying the historical impact on important furniture designs.  Townsend cannot overlook a well-crafted piece from centuries ago and love how a sense of the hands that created it carry the piece through the ages to today.  "This is what prompted me to take the bold step of updating one of the most popular and traditional furniture classics of the millennia, the Windsor chair, and turn it into a contemporary sculptural piece with relevance in today's world."

All of R.W.Townsend’s pieces are fully designed, crafted, and finished by hand in the USA. With a focus on local, sustainable North American hardwoods and quality materials, these pieces are built to uncompromising standards.