Contemporary design. Future classics.

New Windsor Desk. Designed as a companion piece to the New Windsor Chair, the New Windsor Desk embodies the same contrasting tones and sculptural elements that made its partner a success while introducing sweeping curves and a tailfin that strengthen the set’s modern inspiration.
The simpler inherent structure of a desk allows Townsend to retain his trademark user-centered design while experimenting with playful forms – its unconventionally shaped surface embraces the sitter, and its optional floating drawers turn towards the chair for intuitive use.  The fin-like retainer board provides visual interest while keeping small items secure from a tumble to the floor.The New Windsor Desk matches the chair with complementary tones of walnut and curly maple. Townsend also applies his same hand-rubbed finishes, signature thru-tenon joinery, and his meticulous workmanship to create a set that is truly compatible.

New Windsor Counter Stool.  Part of the New Windsor Collection, the Counter Stool perfectly complements a kitchen island, home bar, or standing desk.  Its contoured maple seat and walnut crest rail provide security and comfort to a piece that furthers the streamlined aesthetic of its collection.  While stools can often appear bulky, Townsend uses lathe-turned, tapered legs and a minimalist construction to provide a smooth elegance to the New Windsor.

New Windsor Chair Dimensions 23”W x 22”D x 31.5”H 

New Windsor Settee Dimensions 31.5" H  x 60" W x 23" D


New Windsor Counter Stool Dimensions: N/A


New Windsor Chair. A fantastical re-imagining of the classic Windsor chair, this piece draws inspiration from both mid-century modern sculpture and the timeless values of comfort and craftsmanship.
Playing with balance and form while improving comfort and practicality, Townsend has developed a chair with modern lines and unique forms.  Its narrow waist and tapered legs anchor to a hand-carved and surprisingly comfortable seat. Utilizing historic methods of joinery, the chair is crafted for unsurpassed durability.
Like all pieces in the New Windsor collection, the New Windsor Chair utilizes the harmonious contrast of sustainabily-harvested North American hardwoods.  The featured chair is crafted from Tiger maple and American black walnut with ash spindles.

New Windsor Settee (At right) An expansion of the New Windsor Collection, the Settee furthers the New Windsor Chair’s modernized lines, tapered legs, and quality joinery.  Long enough to comfortably seat two, the Settee is backed with a dramatic spindled crest rail.  Graceful and serene, the New Windsor Settee is an excellent addition to any home collection. The piece shown is hewn in cherry and sugar maple.